About that song

So, I got the CD the other day, by the way. It IS the song (the acoustic version) that I recall so vividly from my misspent youth!!

Of course, it’s not quite as perfectly good as my memory made it out to be. In fact, listening to it in the wee hours of the morning full of anticipation as I did, the experience would have been downright anticlimactic. Fortunately I’m generally optimistic enough that that sort of thing didn’t happen. It is, indeed, still the song that stuck with me all these years, so I can feel that there has been a circle closed, an achievement made, a longing filled in my life. Huzzah.

Song of the moment: "Ridin'," Chamillionaire

2 Responses to “About that song”

  1. I should probably be responding to your TLVW posts but the song posts have especially grabbed me. I got wrapped up in your quest and even made a brief stab at finding the song – then realized that my interest was in your journey, the importance of the song ringing in your head, and whether the outcome would be satisfying or disappointing – not getting to hear the song myself. Huzzah to you. -E

  2. Indeed, it was a nice journey, and I now include “Fade to Black” in my iTunes Heavy Rotation playlist.

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