What you can learn from careless clicking

So I noticed Eru’s mention of using camera controls to look at avatars on the sly, and that reminded me of a little adventure I had just today.

I was out at PrimOptic, thinking I’d buy a new pair of glasses there (I love the ones I first got from them; you’ll never see TT without them). The place was empty when I arrived, but shortly thereafter several shoppers came in. I saw a couple of neko guys with great outfits (well-accessorized), and proceeded to right-click on one to see his profile. Well, he was at the edge of my screen, and the pie menu didn’t show up where it should have; I accidentally offered him friendship. I was about to apologize (I understand that generally it’s poor etiquette to offer friendship out of the blue), but he accepted and we started talking. The two of them (they’re a couple) were very friendly and turned me on to several stores where I could find great neko accessories (that’s why I dropped all those LMs on you at once, Andi – sorry!).

So this might have ended up being a cautionary tale about taking care when you click on an avatar, but I had a great experience. And I got a couple of new friends out of it all, too. Of course, I never did get the new glasses. Go fig…

Song of the moment: "Switchblade 327," The Brian Setzer Orchestra

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